Close Brothers Vehicle Hire is part of our Invoice Finance & Rentals Division. Managing Director, Terry Ottey, shares his views on the scrapping of the Severn Crossing Toll Charges.

A recent announcement that the Severn Crossing Toll Charges will be scrapped by the end of 2018, is news that is welcomed by ourselves and, we suspect, many vehicle operators alike.

For companies with a nationwide customer network, crossing a toll can be a costly event when delivering vehicles to a region. For the customer, the scrapping of the toll charge should reduce manpower hours, as far too often longer journeys are taken by drivers to avoid toll charges. The overall effect could be a reduction in hours, costs and tacho regulations.

This would produce a win/win situation. The long-term impact on our business would be assets with reduced mileage, assisting with disposal profile and an overall better vehicle life cycle. It would reduce the office manpower required to manage toll charges and would allow for a focus on other areas of the business. It could drive an improved customer satisfaction, with less inflated costs due to toll charges and fines alike.