Asset Based Lending allows you to turn cash tied up in assets into working capital. It provides higher levels of funding than invoice finance alone, and can give you more adaptability. This type of commercial lending combines invoice finance with funds released against other assets on a company’s balance sheet.

Release money from invoices

Invoice finance provides a company access to money tied up in unpaid customer invoices. As soon as a bill is raised, a business using invoice finance can access up to 90% of the value owed.

What assets can I use for ABL?

Businesses using an asset based lending facility can also secure borrowing against existing assets on their balance sheet including:

  • Plant and machinery
  • Specialist equipment
  • Property
  • Stock

Cash flow loans

An ABL structure can also include a cash flow loan. This upfront payment is included in your original agreement and will amortise over a fixed period. If your business has a history of strong cash generation and a positive forecast going forward, such loans can help you to top-up funding where required.

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